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Level II Material coming soon from PassedTense (soon to be AdaptPrep CFA)

We got fantastic feedback from 300 Hours users on our free Alpha of our Level II Adapt question bank. We will be re-releasing it with even more questions as a free beta this Fall. 

We also will be releasing Video Lessons for Level II, taught by Mike Carmody, CFA, FSA. I am really excited about the approach we're using to creating these lessons. We're using a team writing approach which includes experts as well as CFAs who have taken the exam in the last three years, as our goal is to efficiently teach you what you need to know to ace the exam. We will sell the videos at a pre-sale discount, likely in late September, with videos be released monthly until Spring. 

Our full price for our Level II Complete package (includes video lessons, handouts, question bank, and formula sheet) will be $399. It includes unlimited renewals if you do not pass on this attempt.


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