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How to Use Chewing Gum to Improve Your CFA Exam Performance

edited August 2015 in 300 Hours

imageHow to Use Chewing Gum to Improve Your CFA Exam Performance

By Christine Here at 300 Hours, we share many, many tips on how to improve your CFA performance. The best way to get a full summary is to get our CFA Exam Insights , or alternatively have a look...

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  • Rhino6187Rhino6187 New York, NYPosts: 18 Sr Associate
    I don't smoke (besides a very occasional cigar) but I chewed 4 mg "stop smoking" nicotine gum during my Level II exam (and passed) although it's worth noting that I also had caffeine in my system. I would not recommend chewing it during studying, as chewing it every day would lead to addiction. It's worth noting that you really don't "chew" the gum per se, but chew it briefly and then stash it between your gum and cheek, moving it occasionally. I did feel like this had a positive effect, but for a different reason-nicotine is a stimulant, and in small amounts (like the gum) will enhance cognition, memory, alertness, and focus. However, if you ingest too much nicotine, the effect changes from stimulant to sedative, so don't go chewing four or five pieces at the same time.
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