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Help with find a place to study

nitinnitin Coventry, UKPosts: 5 Associate
Not sure if this should go here or in a different section but worth a shot!

So I received my books to start studying for CFA L2 and moved down to London recently. Only problem is all of the university library websites I've visited don't give out repeat visitor passes. Some universities give the option to fill in an application form where you really have to justify why you absolutely need access to their library compared to others, and others charge a (not so nice) fee per month!

When studying for L1 I studied in a university close to my house in the midlands and got a free year-long temp pass on the spot!

Would appreciate any insights others can shed. Do CFAI have any partnerships with universities for things like this?


  • Hi @nitin, good that you're starting early! @christine wrote a useful article on places to study, hope this is a helpful start.

    What I personally did was going to cafes (quieter ones) on weekends to study (solid 8 hours or so), as I rarely have time on weekdays to do this. Whereabouts in London are you based? I find that Canary Wharf can be quieter on weekends, and there are a couple of cafes which are pretty chilled about you hanging out there for a while as long as you get some food/drinks as Canary Wharf is swamped on weekdays and less so on weekends. 
  • mzn710mzn710 LondonPosts: 3 Associate
    I work in Canary Wharf. As @Sophie says, lots of quiet places on the weekend, not so much during the weekday. I study a lot in Canada Water library (one stop away from C'Wharf). Entrance is right at the top of the tube exit. No membership or payment needed, just roll up and study. I would recommend. 

    But depends where you live I guess...
  • nitinnitin Coventry, UKPosts: 5 Associate
    Thanks @Sophie, cafes sound okay in theory but to be honest I'm one to appreciate a silent area with no distractions at all. I live in Limehouse and work in Blackfriars so have decent connections to get about most places. I was also thinking I could potentially try out my work building over the weekend but don't like the idea of spending 7 days a week there!

    And thanks @mzn710 for the suggestion, I might just give it a go especially considering it's right next to the tube stop. Easy for lazy people like me!
  • Oh @nitin - I have a gem place for you. It's a little secret place I found that in Limehouse that I used to go as well. It used to be called Departure, and now it's called Husk Coffee. Doesn't open late though, so weekdays might not be possible for you to go whilst at work, but they do open on Saturdays from 10am-5pm. Quieter cafe with lots of comfy couches and good wifi
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