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CFA Level III Prep starts now!!!

Hi guys, sorry for not being so active as I was during the Level 1 and 2 study days but well we're all selfish humans. Anyways just wanted to let you guys know that I will begin my Level III study and preparations tomorrow and hopefully for the final time I have to start studying for anything in life.

So just want to wish everyone all the best with their preparations and the Level 1 candidates for tomorrow.

Any suggestions and tips from you guys would be really valuable here so feel free to comment.

Let's do this.



  • Welcome back @RoyD. Essays might be a good things to look at to set the goal in sight before you start - I find it helps focus my studies so I keep thinking 'so how would this topic/concept work in an essay-type situation?'
  • Yes I've been warned a lot about the essay type questions. Just began with Ethics now so let's see how it goes. I've heard and read that the L3 material isn't that challenging or hard to grasp as L2 so that's a relief. Luckily for me I have experience writing essay type questions so that's also a positive but I'll still have to practise a bit.

    I'm using the Study Planner as usual and things seem well organised on that. Just need to put my head down and read now.  :#
  • Yep,lets do this!

    Personally,i am going through cfai ebooks (book2 on my belt) for the time being and i am thinking about how to complement them. Last year, combo of mocks from cfai, Kaplan and Wiley really worked for me I guess. Question is how these products work for the am session. I would be interested in a product that tries to mimics the cfai grading process - probably online mock might work,if that exists...
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