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CFA StudiesTheme Song

MarcMarc TorontoPosts: 186 Portfolio Manager
edited April 2013 in Other
Since my track record of success with polls on this forum is suspect at best, I am going to ask this question in a discussion format.

Many of us make use background music to help us study. Personally, I am a big user to the 300 Hours classical playlist. But what is your personal Theme Song for your CFA Studies?

I'll start because it's an easy question to answer. Not to preempt any comments on this subject, but the one correct answer is: "I hope, I think, I know" by Oasis.

I understand that I am old. My learning experiences during the 1990s included completing an undergraduate degree, and I suspect that for many people on this site, learning experiences during that decade included mastering skills such as crawling and walking. So not everyone (especially North Americans) has heard of Oasis, but could there be a more appropriate song title for this situation? It is also quite simply a brilliant song from start to finish, and possibly the finest display of Noel Gallagher's guitar skills, but it is sadly overlooked by many critics and fans because it was not on "Definitely Maybe" or "What's the Story (Morning Glory)?"

You can only understand what I'm getting at by experiencing to the song for yourself but I will leave you with the first line:

"They're trying hard to put me in my place, and that is why I've got to keep running"

Over to you.


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