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ZeeZee London - UKPosts: 1,531 Jr Partner
edited January 2014 in General CFA Topics
This is an evolving post of useful General CFA discussions. As new and awesome discussions are created, I will be continually adding them here to create a quick reference guide for everyone dive straight in!
An interesting question - should I actually bother helping anyone else taking the same Level as me?@MattyJ debates whether it's best to work together when studying for the CFA exams...or not.
Anki and other SRS/flash card study methods@Marek discusses the anki deck and how it helps flash card preparation.
CFA and Parenting@marc shares the challenges of balancing CFA and new additions to the family.
Deep vs Light Reading@marc explains both approaches to studying - which one are you?
How Many Practice Exams Are You Planning to Do?@reena asks everyone what their targets are.
Practice Exam Approaches@vijay asks if we should ease into it, or start with all guns blazing.
Revision Optimization@diya shares her tips on how to best prepare for the CFA exams.
Study Scheduling (Readings vs. Questions/Practice exams)@marc thinks about the perfect balance.
Thinking of Taking the Plunge into the CFA Exam...@Rhino6187 ponders the possibilities of pursuing a CFA qualification and its benefits.
Tips if Your Test Center is in London@marc shares his experiences in the Excel Centre, London.
What Are the Odds of Your Calculator Actually Dying?@lulu123 asks the question we all ask ourselves at some point, and we compare real-life experiences.
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