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4 Lifetime Skills to Polish for Your CV Besides the CFA Charter

edited December 2015 in 300 Hours

image4 Lifetime Skills to Polish for Your CV Besides the CFA Charter

By Sophie Job search can be tough in current times, especially if you're switching careers into finance.  I've had the opportunity to be on both sides of the table - as an interviewee and as an...

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  • Great list!

    For anyone who wants elite Excel skills, it'd be helpful to learn PowerPivot/PowerQuery and also PowerBI. If your data set is large enough, you can dump it into a database or into the Excel data model, build in calculated fields, and get excellent reporting power from the Power Pivot tables. The calculated fields can be easier to trace.

    Learning VBScript used to be the elite Excel skill - I've found it very helpful for cleaning up large datasets, automating repetitive tasks, and creating cross-validation in sheets - but as most people are now dealing with data overload, the new "Power" reporting features Microsoft has put out are becoming incredibly important.

    For example, you could dump market comparison research into PowerBI so the higher ups have that data right at their fingertips. PowerBI also now hooks up to Cortana, so you can literally just ask questions and it'll give you answers.
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