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Help understanding Sophie's CFA Study Planner

SiberukSiberuk Posts: 3 Associate
edited January 2016 in General CFA Topics
Hello everyone. I've downloaded the CFA Study Planner from here:

And I'm interested to know the difference between CFA Curriculum Pages and Total pages to cover. Looking at the CFAI book 1 (Ethics and Quant), ethics is 270 pages and quant is 500 pages exactly. By default the downloadable spreadsheet has 85 pages for total pages to cover for ethics but what does it mean?

Also what does the spreadsheet mean by number of study sessions?

Is my understanding correct that by Sophie's schedule it's reasonable to cover, note and remember all of ethics in three days if I were to study twelve hours or is that for me to work out?

I've attached screenshots of the spreadsheet I'm dealing with.

All help is appreciated.


  • LSTOKLSTOK LondonPosts: 4 Associate
    I tried also some spreadsheets and Google Calendar and it didn't work for me. I just get lost and couldn't track the progress. The problem was in the fact that I had so many unforeseen business obligations that I always missed the plan and was never sure how much more I need to study and what to do in order to complete the set plan on time. I find an excellent app for study organization and time management for iPhone - TimePrep. You can put your study preferences and free time in a usual week and app will return how much more time on average you need to put in a usual week. The best option is reschedule where you can reschedule the entire process if you mess the routine or only reschedule an event. I synced it with my calendar and all works perfectly. I would recommend TimePrep for iPhone as a excellent alternative. I found that the app is available for iPad too. 
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