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Help understanding Sophie's CFA Study Planner

Hello everyone. I've downloaded the CFA Study Planner from here:

And I'm interested to know the difference between CFA Curriculum Pages and Total pages to cover. Looking at the CFAI book 1 (Ethics and Quant), ethics is 270 pages and quant is 500 pages exactly. By default the downloadable spreadsheet has 85 pages for total pages to cover for ethics but what does it mean?

Also what does the spreadsheet mean by number of study sessions?

Is my understanding correct that by Sophie's schedule it's reasonable to cover, note and remember all of ethics in three days if I were to study twelve hours or is that for me to work out?

I've attached screenshots of the spreadsheet I'm dealing with.

All help is appreciated.


  • Hey @Siberuk! I'm here to the rescue :) Appreciate your feedback on this, I'll be updating it soon to minimise confusion in the future. First of, the pages number are currently arbitary and put as an example. As the notes/curriculum changes year on year, you'd need to update items in the grey columns / blue fonts. The CFA curriculum pages column are for reference only, if you happen to use 3rd party provider's pages. However, if you're using CFA curriculum for your study, Column M and J should be the same number. The number of study sessions there is how CFA splits its readings: you can see it here This is just extra info on the sheet as FYI really which you can update, but it is optional. On your last question, as mentioned the numbers are arbitary, and depends on the amount of time you can dedicate, and therefore is up to you to work out, have a target, and update as you go along. Hope this helps! don't hesitate to let me know if you've further questions.
  • It's fantastic that you're here explaining this Sophie. I've noticed and maybe you have too that your spreadsheet's final deadline finishes one month before the recommended start time for practise exams. If I were to follow the one month allocation for mocks then mine should begin in May but I'm told that's when my mocks and revision should finish.

    Thank you for your clarification and I also learnt what study sessions were today when I first opened book 1. :smile:
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