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Is it too late to register now for June ?

Hi All

This is a very informative forum and would appreciate an answer to my query. I am in between jobs and it may take a month or two before I rejoin. I was wondering it I could dedicate 100-150hours to CFA Level II now and post joining work dedicate another 180 hours. Would that work or is it too tough a schedule? I am married, 34, have kids. I did my level 1 way back in 2011 and then kids happened! I want to complete my charter primarily because I intend to migrate to Canada where I guess CFA would be more familiar than my domestic MBA. Do advise on - 1. Whether its doable in this timeframe and 2. Whether it is worth it?

Thanks for your help!


  • Well, the answer to your question depends on many variables. Are you good at retaining information? Can you read something once and then "get it" or would you need to go through the curriculum a couple times? Do you need a lot of reinforcement, like online lectures, weekly classes, practice questions? My opinion, You will need more than 350 hours to dedicate to the exam studies. I am taking June 2016 Level II and started studying the last week in October. Currently, I am at 224 hours of study exactly. My projected total study time is about 640 something hours. I work fulltime, have a wife and children as well. I work 8-5 and then study 5-830 M-F. On Saturdays I put in 5 hours with Sundays off. My biggest fear for anything is being unprepared so I tend to over do it, I realize that. I also just passed level one June 2015 so the material was fresher for me than it will be for you. I think you have enough time but I would plan for more like 450 hours at a minimum considering your situation.
  • Right, thanks for your inputs!
  • Considering you gave your level 1 in 2011, i would suggest that you dedicate at least 400 hours for L2 since most of L2 material is an advancement of the basics built in L1.
    400 Hours is easily doable for the 2017 attempt but with your work considerations and managaing a family banking that many hours for 2016 can be quite tough.

    As for the worthiness i would suggest that if giving 10 hours a week dedicated study time for the opportunity to be a charterholder is something that seems worthy to you then go for it buddy!

     I live in India too (Delhi) and I fully agree with the fact that the CFA designation would attract better carrer oppotunities abroad than in India.

    Good Luck!!
  • @sagheero
    Do you work in finance already?

    If you have background in the material, I think can hammer it out in 100-150 hours.

    Several people on our AdaptPrep team passed it in 18 month by studying ~120-150 hours for each level. But that is also because the material was not that new either.
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