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Finished reading Schweser Level 1 material, now what?

I just finished reading my first round of Schweser's material. My plan is henceforth to focus on question banks and mock exams from all sources (all while reviewing weak subjects obviously) until d-day. I've secured a vacation week prior to the exam so I should manage to get a few mock exams during that week.

Any other approach I haven't considered, ideas?
Quite an open question so feel free to weigh in.

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  • How confident are you feeling in the material? 

    There is some material I identified as potential weak points. I definitely wanna put some emphasis on them, but don't wanna neglect other fields.
    etivyas said:
     Also can start making your formula and key point sheets while doing practice questions as well as revision.
    Definitely a great idea to cover most of the material in a swift manner.
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