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CFA Requirement - Bachelor Degree 3 or 4 Yrs

Under the entrance requirements for the CFA program - Undergraduate education: A bachelor's (or equivalent) degree or be in the final year of your bachelor's degree program (you will be required to update your education information before you can register for the Level II exam) I emailed the CFA institution regarding if a 3 year bachelor degree is adequate enough for satisfying the entrance requirements for the CFA program and they responded with Thank you for following up about your education. I would like to confirm the email you previously receive as if your college or university can determine that your degree is the equivalent of a US bachelor’s degree then you will be able to register using that information. There are institutions around the world where a three year degree is comparable, but again your educational provider can assist you with this.  Are Canadian 3 year degrees equivalent to US bachelor degree ? (3 yrs). It seems there are issues with educational articulation and frameworks, since was not able to get a clear specific response. Plus the added fact that Universities practically over promote and emphasis 4 year degree as the norm. With Tuition fees rising hiring than inflation - projected tuition and compulsory fees for Ontario in 2017 - 18 to be at $9,483, Universities are like inelastic goods. Certifications cost far less and are worth more in value. So is a three year acceptable. 
Did anyone write the CFA exam with a 3 year degree. Really curious, since I'm potentially finishing up school B.A. (Economics Major) 4 yrs, this summer due to externalities. Was curious if a 3 yr is/was acceptable. I feel like I've been in school way to long. I have an Ontario Advanced Diploma in accounting so the finance and accounting courses at my campus was deemed unnecessary. 


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