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Anyone out there in the Private Equity or Venture Capital Space?

Anyone out there in the Private Equity or Venture Capital Space? If so, I would love to speak with you!


  • Hi, 'm here working with an advisory firm for PE/VC.
  • @niravjoshi1988 great! I am glad finally responded. I was getting a bit worried :/

    A few quick questions:
    - Where is your firm based?
    - In your opinion and from your experience, do you see it as a value for prospective associate-level candidates to have a CFA? What about strategy consulting experience?

    I only ask as it is my hope to break into the space in the near future.
  • Tony, I also work in VC on the west coast (CA). The work load for VC/PE associates is more tailored to ex-IB analysts/associates and potentially mgmt. consultants (this is less prevalent) than CFA types; as such, less value is assigned to the charter than other industries. Without the above attributes, one potential strategy would be to develop expertise in one of the focus verticals for a given firm. Also, many firms are now trying add value to their portfolio companies above and beyond investment capital (example: GoogleVentures has its own design staff among other things) so anything that you can leverage on that front would be an added benefit.
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