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US CPI Inflation - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hello All

I am reading through 2016 CFA Institute Curriculum for Level II Program.

In volume I, Reading 11, at page 431 there is an example 8 with accompanying table 7.

Google Books preview is available under the following link,+US+CPI+inflation+2014+January+4.5568,+February+4.5289&hl=pl&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGvtfq0uXLAhWL_HIKHaJABm8Q6AEIHDAA#v=onepage&q=labor%20statistics%2C%20US%20CPI%20inflation%202014%20January%204.5568%2C%20February%204.5289&f=false

The table 7 presents data for 2014 US CPI Inflation (Annualized). The source of data is US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I have checked their official website looking for that table with no result.

I have also searched for it in archive database containing history of CPI-U U.S where all items indexes and annual percent changes are from 1913 to present and are available under, for instance, the following link in the CPI Detailed Report as Table 24. Still could not find these figures.

I would like to perform my own calculations based on that table 7.

Could any kindly indicate in detailed manner which table is it taken from as I am foreigner and not familiar with US Bureau of Labor Statistics organizational data set?

Many thanks!

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