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CFA vs MBA: 8 Points to Consider

edited April 2016 in 300 Hours

imageCFA vs MBA: 8 Points to Consider

By Christine As we've  covered the MBA subject by looking at CFA b-schools , a natural follow up would be the classic question:  CFA or MBA? A very, very popular question among potential candidates...

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  • LOL

    Christine. You are funny.

    MBA does not even come close to CFA. Allow me to tell you that your article is a shame.
    Your article gives false sense about the difficulty of the CFA.
    The average period it takes the charterholder to earn his/her charter is four years (not 2 years as on MBA).
    There are ONLY 120,000 charterholders all over the world since more than 50 years of CFA institute inception.

    CFA is doable, yet people should know what they are going to face during their study. It is one of the toughest exams in the world.

    I know many people finished their Phds while other CFA candidates still struggling in the level 2 and level 3 CFA exams.

    Please do not mislead readers.


  • christinechristine On the movePosts: 632 Sr Portfolio Manager
    Hi Leo

    Thanks for your comments. I have no intention of misleading anyone - you will see in the article that I do state that the CFA charter takes longer to earn, but the advantage is that candidates need not leave their career to pursue it (unlike the MBA, which is a major drawback).

    I feel the number of CFA charterholders vs MBA graduates is irrelevant to the challenges involved in each qualification, as this is more related to the industries that feed in and out of these qualifications. Also the CFA qualification is wholly owned by the CFA Institute, whereas any university can decide to offer a Masters of Business Administration.

    I'm not trying to single out whether MBA or CFA candidates are smarter, more tenacious or 'better' in any way. The point of the article is to help shed more light on what CFA and MBA candidates find challenging about each qualification to help readers decide.
  • One thing I would like to point out that while MBA and CFA alumni networks are great, the MBA (in my case MFIN) network seems more accessible. The networking that happens after classroom and sharing of ideas and opportunities is something you would be hard pressed to find to do with the CFA network.

    Though I didn't have as much time to spend time participating in competitions through my school because I was studying for the FRM exam. My two-cents, focus on one thing at a time.  
  • christine
    with all my respect, still, you are indirectly misleading others by simply stating CFA vs MBA
    it is like you are saying Ferrari vs Toyota which don't even come close to each other

    I am not giving an opinion, I am noting my personal experience. I got my MBA from a repuatble university (with outstanding results) and I went through all of the 3 CFA levels. I can tell you the difficulty of the two is completely uncomparable. CFA charter for me to obtain was even tougher from obtaing a Phd (I could see my close friends doing Phds).

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