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Can I start now??

I am a CFA Level 1 candidate, and I have absolutely no idea as to what possessed me to sign up for CFA with such a busy schedule. Ah, the damage has been done now, need some help for solid damage repair. So here's what the next 40 days look like for me:

25th April - 1st May - Free. Completely.
2nd May onward - New job. Weekdays - 9 am to 6pm ; Weekends about 10 am to 2pm. So on weekdays I could put in about 2 hours and on weekends about 5 hours.

My Background - I do have some background in finance, so these concepts are not completely alien to me!

What I have thought of :-
Go through - Elan 11th Hour Guide in detail, solve all examples and questions from Schweser and EOC from the curriculum. Once this is done, start taking mock tests.

Will this be help? Any other suggestions on how to cover the entire syllabus in 30 days? (balance 10 days for review)

Reallllly need some help!!!


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