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Question of the Week - Economics

AdaptPrepAdaptPrep Des Moines, IA, USAPosts: 211 Sr Associate
edited April 2016 in Level 1 Questions

In January, Herman bought 10 apples and 10 pears. In February, the price of apples increased and Herman only bought 8 apples. At the same time, pears became less expensive and Herman bought 12 pears.

Which of the following inflation indices would be calculated assuming Herman always bought 8 apples and 12 pears?

Question of the Week - Economics 16 votes

The Laspeyres index
stimchaibecky21cdsgiorgosfootsuls 4 votes
The Paasche index
AdaptPrepBeregondmdlynch3pabulumsdmuller27SoloSwatihakzinyang5001Alegriaavannoord 11 votes
The Fisher index
nyczwillzsta 1 vote


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