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How are your preparation going for CFA level 1?

Now that the CFA exam is just around the corner anxiety is at its peak. What are you guys doing to calm yourself? 


  • Hey AlexGrey! Super stressful, I know! My company wrote a blogpost with some tips, and free review resources for last minute cramming! Hope it helps:
  • jasdevjasdev LondonPosts: 84 Sr Associate
    I find that Lisa Pollack's tip on the Alphaville page was best.
    Lie back on your bed, take deep breaths, and repeat to yourself "I don't have cancer..."

    Also good to learn how to harness and control that anxiety to force yourself to become super disciplined in every part of your life to maximise study time and make sure you are at your peak during that time.

    I've taken two mock exams, the second worse than the first, and I'm reviewing my incorrect answers and hoping to retain the correct knowledge.

    I also bought the SchweserPro Qbank and I'll get around to blasting through that in the final fortnight.
  • "Preparation is the best tool against anxiety."

    Sounds a bit random, but this was the best piece of advice that I got for my CFA exams. Whenever you feel anxious, know that preparing more will help you calm down. It worked for me...
  • I agree with you . Preparation is definitely the best tool to handle anxiety. So, practice mocks, clear your doubts , work upon your weaknesses and you are good to go. 
    You can read this for more help.
  • joeyoungjoeyoung LondonPosts: 6 Associate
    I completely agree with the comments above. I spent Dec-May reading Kaplan materials and doing every single end-of-chapter question. Now I'm doing mocks and studying the Q's I got wrong. Will hope to complete at least 6 mock's before the exam and feeling more confident each day thats draws near. Big respect to anyone thats done 250-300 hours as well, its gruelling but lets hope its worth it in the end!
  • Chillax! Here are some tips which can help you during the preparation:

    Prepare Intelligently

    Don't leave any topic

    Use CBOK

    Learn to use the calculator wisely

    Strategize your preparation

    Manage distractions

    Practice! Practice!!!

    Keep track of time while preparing


    Pamper Yourself! EAT healthy.

    You can refer to these online courses also during your prep:> This will help you understand CFA structure and the exam itself completely.> This helps you to master Portfolio Management from scratch.
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