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What 'date' is appropriate for candidacy in resume?

Tedk12Tedk12 NebraskaPosts: 3 Associate
This question might seem dumb, as I realize as candidates we are not allowed to list an expected date of program completion, but this issue is slightly different. I use a variant of the M&I resume format and relevant time periods/dates are listed on the right align of the page. I have listed "June 2016 Level II Candidate in the CFA Program" as the title, which is certainly okay. The question is, what can I put on the right side of my resume where dates are listed for all other entries? Right now I'm thinking "June 2016 Test Date" or something to that effect... It clearly states that is simply when my test is, but doesn't imply I expect to obtain anything (and it doesn't ruin the consistency of my formatting). As an L2 candidate I have read through the entire Ethics curriculum 4 times, and this isn't specifically addressed.  Any thoughts what is best for the "date"?



  • Date would be "June 2016".  Title would be "Level II Candidate".  

    Being listed as "Candidate" only requires that you have registered (which includes payment) for the exam.  Come August (or whenever results are issued) you are no longer a Candidate (until you re-register).  The only potential "grey area" is around how you list your candidacy between sitting the exam and getting your result.
  • Tedk12Tedk12 NebraskaPosts: 3 Associate
    Thanks for the response. According to the standards you are still very much a candidate until results are received, so that's not a concern. I just wasn't sure if listing that date is misleading in any way, because CFAI makes it very clear you can't suggest an expected date of completion or a partial charter. I'll just go with that and not worry about it!
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