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Qualification for the CFA L1 Exam - Please help!

Hello Everyone!

I've been studying away and am looking to register for the December 2016 exam, but I wanted to make 100% certain that I qualify before I pull the trigger on payment. I'll be in my Senior & final Undergraduate year come December, but my classes don't actually begin until September. Am I able to register ahead of the August deadline, being that I'm going into my Senior year (and already registered for classes etc.)? Logically I feel that I should, but the wording is somewhat ambiguous and I like to have these things airtight.

Much Appreciated,


  • Honestly, in these situations it is much more prudent, and in fact quicker and easier to just email the CFAI and ask them straight out. They are very good at responding quickly and clearly to these kind of responses. They are the final decision makers, not people on this forum...and so yeah, much better to get it straight from the horses mouth as it were.
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