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Anyone from Dorset, SouthWest England working/looking to work in the Financial Services sector ??

Hello! I am a level 3 candidate and I am looking to network with people mainly working in the Dorset region in the FS sector. I find that surprisingly, there are not many (actually hardly any) jobs for someone studying towards the CFA designation. All they have is a few Independent Financial Advisors and some of them haven't even heard of the CFA!!! while the others do not really weigh it of much importance. Instead they look for the CISI designation. I am starting to feel pessimistic about earning the charter now and that is disappointing. Also, if I finish level 3 in June next year, by what time frame should I get the relevant work experience? Because, if the opportunities are so minimal around here, I will have to think of eventually moving to London but that will take some time - a few years maybe and I want to know if me passing the exams early on will still hold for whenever I do get the work experience.


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