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Career prospects with CFA I completed and Msc in Finance

Hi guys and girls!
I have a Bsc in Business Administration and a Msc in Finance from greek universities( i am a greek too). I am currently working in a small business consulting firm and i have 2 years experience relating EU funding programmes and sales. If i pass CFA I level do i have any chance at finding a job in a small bank in USA or Canada?


  • rsparksrsparks MelbournePosts: 80 Sr Associate
    honestly it will be hard as there are huge costs in providing visas for internationals where a citizen can do the exact same job. if you  have citizenship, then it will be easier. You will need to look for recruitment agencies that top firms use for overseas talent. CFA charter will help you more. The best prospect now is to work for a company with offices in usa/canada and go on secondment. I'm a USA citizen and now Australian. That is the only way I see people moving and getting hired unless they are coming off on-campus recruitment. Just my 2cents from what i have experience and observed. Europe could be different.
  • Hi rsparks! 
    First of all thanks for your reply.
    What is the situation regarding employment in the financial sector in Australia? 
    Is CFA an advantage or more a prerequisite? Are there a significant investment banking sector?

    Thanks in advance
  • rsparksrsparks MelbournePosts: 80 Sr Associate
    The major banking sector is in sydney, but I'm in melbourne. There are a lot of finance companies and most are boutique which is harder to get into as they require people with experience. you have to go in able to do the job as there is little training and they expect you to hit the ground running. CFA is nearly essential to getting into boutique jobs. larger firms you may have to start in a feeder role and work your way into an analyst, mgmt or research role which is where I would aim if I were you.
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