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CFA LEVEL -1 , should i go for it or not? 19 y/o query.


Im a 19 year old , Currently in second year of my college and just joined the CFA Level -1 classes.
My college degree is Bachelors in Commerce. I have no way of indepth Finance knowledge currently but i have immense interest to do CFA.

The problem is i can't understand half the things in CFA classes (technical Jargons as im still young) and i am sure i won't pass the exams in June '17. I feel im still not ripe for the exams.

Finally my question is , Do i stop persuading CFA ? I want to do MBA in finance after my degree. Is that a good choice?
If so when do i do CFA? And suppose im not doing CFA rn , Are there any easy short term finance courses i can spend my time on?

Please do reply. My future depends on this . lots of love !!


  • rsparksrsparks MelbournePosts: 80 Sr Associate
    the other side to your argument: i met a guy who finished level 2 by the time he graduated and was able to secure a great job at a professional services firm......still had to wait four years for work experience though.
  • ensenmasonensenmason Los AngelesPosts: 38 Associate
    The biggest factor is how bad do you want it?  If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way.  It can be intimidating, it was for me.  Still is, not sure how I made it though some parts.  What I found and heard from others is having a background in finance isn't that big of help or a hindrance in the lack thereof.  If you put in the time with adequate amounts of focus and technique, you'll likely pass.  That's why this website is called 300 hours.  It doesn't show who the smartest people in the room are.  It shows who spent the most time preparing.  As rsparks mention, you also need work experience, so you'll have to figure out how to meet that if you're not in the finance industry.
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