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CFA Level III June 2017

I know CFA Level 3 is a different ball game, and as much as everyone says CFA Level 2 is the hardest, I do believe Level 3 comes with its own set of challenges. How should I approach Level 3? What is a good starting point in terms of time and subjects?


  • Hi Ankita, I am studying for CFA level III exam. So far I think level III can be easier to pass in comparison to level II. Going through the material I remember some of it from level II, the idea of level III would be to use this information in practice. From my experience, I can tell than you can study all you want but doing practice exam is th key when it come to CFA. With level III, one part would consist of open questions (essey), the second part would consist of case studies like in level II exam. As we already know how to deal with the second part I think it is visible to pass level III.
    I have started to study in December and I try to study an hour a day, read through material till the end of February, do the topic review from cfa webside in March, April-May would be my final review: practice exams and mock exam.
  • The biggest trick to Level III isn't so much the material as it is surviving the AM session, which is a very different experience to anything at either of the previous levels. Be sure to spend some time preparing for this.
    Lead Content Manager, AdaptPrep
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