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Level 1: June or December

Hello All!

Question on planning a schedule for levels 1 and 2. I plan to register for one of the 2017 level 1 exams in the next couple of weeks. With the timing of it, I have the choice for either June or December with seemingly plenty of study time for either one.

My current thinking is to register for June, hopefully pass, and potentially give myself a full year for level 2 preparation. My assumption is that more study time for the more advanced exam is most beneficial. Has anyone had the experience of wishing they had more time for level 1 than level 2 that would justify me pursuing a December 2017 level 1 and July 2018 level 2?

Further point, if I unfortunately do not pass in June that gives me a little bit of a buffer, where I can continue my studies and try again in December but with only six months preparation time for level 2.

Thanks for your insights!
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