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Moving from actuarial to AM/ER?

Actually curious as to the prospects for an actuary to move into the asset management or equities research space. I know a lot of the financial modelling aspects of actuarial work does translate over quite well and some aspects of actuarial consulting are very handy skillsets to have as a research analyst.

does anyone have any experience in this?

thanks in advance!
Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Actuarial Studies and Finance, minor in Accounting). 
Current status: Full-time job hunter!


  • rsparksrsparks MelbournePosts: 75 Sr Associate
    I see you're in sydney! I'm in Melb. All actuaries I know are in insurance. I did see one person that had an FSA at Jana. They have a big office in Sydney and Melbourne. I know a friend of a friend at Jana, so if you want to connect via Linkedin for a coffee/phone call, then PM.

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