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Practice exams! Who wants practice exams?

I have posted copies of the morning portion of every Level 3 CFA exam going back to 1999 here. The official CFAI answers are also there.

Level 3 is a bit of a special case because CFAI does not publish any actual exam materials for Levels 1 and 2. However, they do publish sample questions for all three levels every year. I have posted the sample questions for all three years, although I suspect that most if not all of you have already seen these.

I would be happy to post any copies that people may have of CFAI sample questions from earlier years, but I will only post materials that have been made available freely by CFAI (ie. I will not post any Schwesser practice exams or anything else that must be purchased).

So, while the materials posted here are of most relevance to Level 3 candidates, the Ethics materials are of value to all candidates. And there is actually considerable overlap between the Level 3 curriculum and that of Levels 1 and 2, so it would never hurt to skim these for familiar topics, but I understand if you would prefer to avoid any potential confusion in the weeks leading up to the exam.

Also, if your search within the site for a specific term that is in the curriculum at every level (for example, "bond duration"), the results contain all of the exams in which this term appeared.


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