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48 days!! Need some help :)

Hey guys, I'm new to 300Hours and I've been looking for some support/motivation to get through level I. I started off hot but I've let life issues get in the way of studying and I've slowed to an extremely slow pace (haven't started Quant, Econ, or Ethics). Any advice on how to get back on the horse? I a full time CFA student but I need some help because the stress is stifling my progress, you could say.


  • What's the issue with your study sessions - difficult to get started, or going slow once you get started?
  • fadio93fadio93 EgyptPosts: 2 Associate

    policedog said:

    What's the issue with your study sessions - difficult to get started, or going slow once you get started?

    Going slow when I do get started. I don't know why I can't get my head wrapped around the concepts... Everything is laid out quite clearly. It could take me up to 8 hours to get through a simple reading like Inventories in FRA... How do I speed up the pace without sacrificing quality?
  • akilleakille ChicagoPosts: 1 Associate
    What I've found kicks me in the butt is having a schedule to stick by and a reward if I do. I'll make plans with friends for dinner at 7pm and say "but if I don't finish 3 readings, I can't go." (It helps if your friends understand and keep you accountable, too.)

    I'd try and read through it with a time limit, so even if something isn't sticking, skip it and move on. Then follow with watching a video that covers the topic (there's review packages that have good videos, but I'm sure you can find some on youtube as well!) and watch it once allowing for maybe double the time so you can pause it and take notes, then rewatch it without pausing. Sometimes having someone verbally explain and walk you through things helps it stick. Then give yourself a maximum amount of time and do practice problems with a goal in mind. For example, depending on what you're studying, say you want to get through 60 questions in an hour, then turn your phone on airplane mode, move distractions out of the way, and only do that for an hour. After you finish that round, take a break (but set a time limit on that otherwise if you're like me that break will never end!) and then come back with a fresh mind and tackle a new topic!

    I had the same issue with life things bogging me down in March and April, and the best thing I did was write down a schedule and force myself to stick to it! Hopefully that helps; Good luck!
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