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Who is the best person to cold-call to get you a job in a company, the direct supervisor or CEO?

I'm considering cold-emailing / cold-calling a few target companies to secure a role, this technique has worked in the past for me. However I'm undecided which is the better target - do I call the direct supervisor of the role I'm targeting (i.e. my future boss if I'm hired), or call the head of the company?

  • Not all of them are actively looking for someone, so in some cases I may be asking them to either create a role, or keep me in mind when they do look for someone
  • All of my target companies are <100 employees based in Canada or US
Thoughts on calling direct supervisor:
  • Presumably if he/she gets on board they would be best placed to fight for my hiring.
Thoughts on calling CEO:
  • If I can convince the CEO presumably it's a stronger case? However, ultimately I think the direct supervisor will have the final say in most cases.
  • Might be harder to convince and/or get time to make my case.
Any thoughts at all are welcome!!!


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