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Seeking advice

Hello Fellow Candidates,

Happy thanksgiving! I am seeking some honest advice on my scenario. I doubt I’m the only one with my issues. 

I barely failed last June. I know the material in much more coherent conceptual manner but my scores are not to the point where I can walk in feeling ready. *Important* please take my word that this is true: I have severe anxiety and I think if I had less of it I would be studying for level 2 right now instead of stressing on thanksgiving for my retake. 

I have taken 6 (half) mock exams this time around. I have used KS once, adapt prep primarily and tonight completed a Wiley mock which I plan on going over tomorrow (hopefully). The Wiley mock felt the most difficult especially as I was deep into the fixed income section. 

I am doubting myself and the Dev exams don’t inspire confidence. It’s a tough bind because I think if I had a clear, confident mind, I’d definitely pass but there are moments during mocks where I freeze and literally forget everything. 

So so I am seeking advice on how to approach this remaining week and a half. My scores seem to barely be a passing score. Do I cram and take a few more mock exams from cfai and other vendors, or is someone with my lack of Test confidence better off testing less at this point and doing more things like memorizing formulas and reading 11th hour? 

I just cant leave any stone unturned. This material is not beyond me. If I am to not pass again, I argue it is primarily because of my own anxiety and not knowledge based. The prospect of failing level 1 twice when I firmly believe the result has nothing to do with ability is truly saddening to me. 

Anyone have some specific advice? I really appreciate you reading and hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving in spite of the stresses of studying! Thank you. 


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