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How to Successfully Get A CFA Exam Scholarship

AdminAdmin Posts: 10 Sr Associate
edited March 8 in 300 Hours

imageHow to Successfully Get A CFA Exam Scholarship

300 Hours: Your Guide to the CFA Exams

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  • bullish_duttabullish_dutta New DelhiPosts: 1 Associate
    Could you kindly shed some light on how to go about filling the financial details? I am a full time undergraduate student. Hence I obviously do not own any assets and or generate income. However I do incur expenses, which are funded by my parents.
    So in the income section, are they asking for my details or that of my parents. Likewise for the expenditure section.
    Moreover what documents are we expected to attach.
    Thank you.
  • I think you just fill in 0 then put in the notes that you're a student..? Just put what you think makes the most sense, and explain as much as you can in the comments or in a separate email to CFAI.
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