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Navigating the job hunt with a CFA charter

Hey guys and girls from around the world,

I decided to open a new question thread as I am feeling confused on a daily basis and I thought others have experienced the same thing and might help them as well.
To the point - I am a charterholder since 2016, living and working in Bulgaria. I hold a Bachelor's degree from a Bulgarian university and instead of MSc / graduate degree, I decided to pursue the CFA designation. Now I am actively looking for an interesting position in a larger foreign institution where I can truly evolve.
The thing is that I have about 7 years of experience working in investment intermediaries and financial companies in Bulgaria and I am not sure on which position should I focus on.
What is your opinion on that matter? Do you think the big guys will care for my solid experience in a small market or should I focus on graduate programs? If the latter, am I suitable for Associate positions that are focused on MBA students or what?

I would truly value your 2 cents on the topic.


  • It'll be hard to comment unless we know in more detail what your experience is. Although in a small market some experience could be highly transferable.

    Are you looking for a larger foreign institution in Bulgaria or another country?
  • I am looking for positions abroad. I have contacts in Bulgaria and have done a good deal of networking. In terms of actual workload, I have done only related stuff - worked on pitchbooks, participated in deals, build models and also done active trading as a portfolio manager. My concern is if the companies care for work done outside big companies? Because I do not really fit in the Graduate programs being out of school for 5 years now ;)
  • justingjusting Sunnyvale CAPosts: 16 Associate
    Do companies care for work done outside big companies? Yes, especially if they're also small companies, or if they're serving that market. I don't think you should expect to rejoin a grad program, but you're unlikely to be promoted either during the move.

    • smaller firms, or 
    • firms that focus on regions that include Bulgaria, or 
    • need Bulgarian speakers
    • applying for international banks in Bulgaria then angle for an internal switch
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