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CFA Level II prep

Tez4715Tez4715 EdinburghPosts: 35 Sr Associate
edited September 2018 in CFA Level II

Hi peeps,

I have been looking into how to best tackle the CFA level II exam because everything I have read on it is making me nervous...

After reading all the CFA level I material and doing the EoC questions as I went, the process of going back to redo the EoC questions was nothing short of infuriating because of how much I had forgotten... So for level II I am going to experiment with "spaced repetition learning" to see if I can make the whole process a little less painful.

I have pondered how to best approach tackling the level II exam with this approach and thought I would share what I have come up with - good deed of the day - tick!

Just to give a little context, I intend to use Kaplan Schweser notes, videos, Qbank and the CFA Qbank to prepare me before I smash out as many mocks as possible. The excel sheet I have created is based around this but you could certainly tailor it accordingly to meet your needs. I have also thrown in an hour counter for good measure :D

See the attached spreadsheet, it should be pretty intuitive but if you've any questions just give me a shout.

All the best with level II



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