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I want to retake level II next year but just found out I’m pregnant

hi all,

i just found out im pregnant and I want to retake level II next June. I’m due 2-3 weeks before the level II exam date. Should I even attempt to do it? 


  • JaminioSilvaJaminioSilva LondonPosts: 11 Sr Associate
    edited September 2018

    Short answer, No.

     I took L2 three months after my wife had our first child and it was a massive error. Not only was I completely exhausted, my study time was poor due to having to look after my new family and I missed out on time with my child when he was very young. My wife tried to be supportive but after the exam she said she felt abandoned. I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if I had had the baby myself!

     Interestingly, I spoke to my local CFA society who was trying to sell me on joining and when I said I had just had a new baby, she said "so you will be deferring then?" she was very surprised when I said no.

     Do yourself and your family a favor, defer to next year.

  • I completely agree with @JaminioSilva. I don't see how it's possible to have a 2-3 week old stay at home while you go take the exam for the entire day.

    It's a shame to defer for another year, but I'm quite sure it won't work out if you try and have a kid and the CFA exam a few weeks after that.
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