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Math Help Needed

Lawrence21236Lawrence21236 United StatesPosts: 3 Associate
Alright, I cannot figure out all of the steps to get the answer to a problem shown in Reading 36, page 128 of Level 2 in the physical book copy.

The bottom of the page is showing steps to solve for a Spot Rate from a Par Rate. Specifically, it's a 2 year spot rate that we are trying to solve. Any help is greatly appreciated to show all steps to isolate the 2 yr Spot Rate and get the answer they show of 3.008.

Par = 100
Par Rate = 3%
N = 2 yearly payments
1 Yr Par Rate =2.500%
2 Yr Spot Rate = ??

equation the reading shows:
3/1.025 + 103 / (1 +r) ^2 = 100

I get that 3/1.025 = 2.9268

Then subtracting 2.9268 from both sides gives:

103 / (1+r)^2 = 97.0732

From this point on I get stuck on the exact steps to isolate and solve for r.


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