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Intensive classes - are they worth it?

I see a lot of talk about intensive classes and promotions going on, such as windsorweek, fitch etc.

I assume it obviously helps to have a 1/2 week intensive course, but is it worth the money (i.e. could you do it on your own and save the money) and does anyone have any recommended providers?


  • Tagging along on this, as I'm also considering if I need some last minute boost and whether it's worth it... 
  • I had review courses every year. It is very helpful especially if you've been slacking and I'm the kind that needs things explained and discussed. I went with kaplan (it was company-selected) and can recommend it.

    I'm not sure if you can replicate the same experience with a week of intense studying. Having an instructor to ask questions is game-changing. They are pricey though, nearly doubling the cost of my materials. If money is a concern maybe try one of those providers that has a pass-guarantee.
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