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Level III subforum for blowing off

yash0303yash0303 CanadaPosts: 3 New Hire
edited May 8 in CFA Level III
I started a thread in the Level II subforum for blowing off a couple of years ago and now I've finally made it to the last stretch, I'm starting a fresh one here.

Here's a pinned thread by one of the site administrators for ease -
Looks pretty convenient.

Seems like people advise to start mocks early, like in January for chrissakes, and to take morning mocks under timed conditions to simulate writing by hand as fast as possible without getting carpal tunnel...

I checked how soon I should begin studying if I want to give myself two weeks per Study Session and four weeks for revision and mocks, and I'd have to start study on 27th August! Way too soon! I might just stick with my original plan of October and aim to complete my readings a lot quicker than I have been able to in the past...


  • rahul12rahul12 Posts: 25 Associate
    hey there, current L2 candidate and a little bit stressed  :/ it's a fine line between starting too early and starting too late though, but better the former than the latter (like me)! 

    jokes aside, your plan seems solid, make sure you stick to it and budget for emergencies / lack of motivation days too. it's like a marathon so pace yourself and there would be days where you just wanna be a couch potato and not study... 
  • Based on your comments I'm assuming you're signed up for L3 June 2020, not L2 as you mention in your title. Mod?  :#

    Starting mocks in January for June exams is madness.

    The writing by hand thing is real though, although I don't think you'll build up much endurance from practice. Just power through the pain on exam day, is my opinion.

    I think Oct is early enough, you're planning well!

    This is CFA!!!
  • Done, moved from L2 to L3 and changed references accordingly.
    When things get too tough, sit back with a nice bottle of red wine and remind yourself how inconsequential things are.
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