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CFA Online classes

RidziiRidzii San Diego, CA, USA.Posts: 1 New Hire

I am planning to appear for CFA Level 1 IN June 2020...But i want to start preparation from now...What should my first step??
Can i enroll myself for CFA program by paying jus for one time registration fee and do registration for exam later on??
Which is best online classes i should register myself and what package is best???
Lot of information on Internet , so confused.


  • You cannot pay the one-time registration fee and then register later - what would be the point anyway?

    I’m an L1 candidate, using Kaplan, but I considered bloomberg and IFT as well. Do your research and choose what works for you.

    If you’re confused the articles on this site is a good place to start. Good luck dude.
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