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What do y'all do in between studying sessions?

Right now I'm just straight up snacking and eating, and I need healthier alternatives. My waistline is rising faster than my mock scores.


  • jasdevjasdev LondonPosts: 61 Associate
    What, you mean apart from work, sleep, eat, or workout?
    Listen to Spotify, watch YouTube, go bouldering... I really digged Ben's Cookies during my first attempt at LII but this year I've mostly tried to stick to mixed roasted, salted nuts. Still fatty, but the good kind!
  • I mean if you're studying all day on a Saturday, you must have some breaks in between, right? I currently go for about 1-1.5 hours then have a break, said break mostly consisting of making myself a PBJ or having some cereal. After that I go right back to it, so a typical all-day study day would (ideally) be:

    0900 Study
    1030 Break
    1100 Study
    1300 Lunch
    1330 Study
    1500 Break
    1700 Study
    1800 Dinner and chill for a bit
    1930 Study
    2100 End

    Total study time = 7.5 hours
  • fp92fp92 UKPosts: 16 Associate
    gunnysarge said: My waistline is rising faster than my mock scores.
    Ugh, so is mine! For me, I look forward to Game of Thrones catch up once a week, just watching the latest episode right now to take my mind off things...
  • jasdevjasdev LondonPosts: 61 Associate
    @gunnysarge that is one hell of a schedule!
    I am lucky if I can manage 6 hours in a weekend day with chores, personal admin, etc.

    As for exercise, as I moved to within walking distance of work in October, I quit cycling to/from work, and on entering into Level III, I cut back on bouldering from 3x/week to 1x every 6 days, so I was getting no exercise whatsoever really.
    I got fed up, 4 months in, given the expanding waistline, so I began following The Body Coach's 15-minute HIIT YouTube workouts - these require no equipment, can be done in your own home, and are over in 15 so don't cut into your other commitments - I'd highly recommend doing them once every other day if you feel motivated!
  • @jasdev the schedule is only for Saturday, my errand day is Sunday. Although socially speaking it’s better to study on Sunday when everyone else is hung over, I find that I don’t get much done due to Monday blues!

    Your standard on level of exercise is inspiring - I’ve not been back to the gym at all since starting CFA studies this year. I’ve heard of this 15 min HIIT and 7-min workouts, they are a good idea, I’m assuming they’re working out for you. But it’s not exactly something to look forward to at the end of a study session...

    @fp92 Can’t do GOT as a break, I’ll have to watch it all at once! And I have no chance in waiting throughout the week to Saturday to watch it.
  • I did yoga while watching random TV. Works great!
    When things get too tough, sit back with a nice bottle of red wine and remind yourself how inconsequential things are.
  • fp92fp92 UKPosts: 16 Associate
    @gunnysarge your schedule is an inspiration, I might have a go at that this coming Sat. I know what you mean about GoT, I prefer binge watching the episodes anyway, plus they are a distraction.

    Dang it, back to studies...
  • Mario kart. Earning trophies and stars was a good way to fill in breaks. Although it did eat more into my studies than planned, it was less than facebook and 9gag...
    This is CFA!!!
  • chores unfortunately, it's either shower/grocery shopping/cooking/cleaning/admin. if i get some free time outside of work and study, i actually go out for a stroll... but i tend to incorporate chores with walking to be more efficient, e.g. walk to grocery stores etc. can't wait for the exams to be over yet so unprepared for it!
  • Friends on Netflix. I've seen it a thousand times before which makes it a nice non-committed pastime, and only 20+ minutes long.
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