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CFA's in the Oil and Gas industry

fmccrayfmccray OklahomaPosts: 18 Associate
I work in the Oil and Gas industry. What are the types of jobs that will allow you to maintain a CFA certification in the O&G. I am interested in trading. As something that i would like to eventually get in to. Not sure if it will allow me to keep it though. if i get a job. 
I know probably a business development or corporate finance could be an avenue.

Thank you,


  • fp92fp92 UKPosts: 47 Associate
    Hi there, I don't follow your question fully actually. Once you obtained your CFA charter, my understanding is that there's no specific type of job nature or role that is required to 'maintain' it except to pay the membership fees for the right to use the CFA designation behind your name.

    Thoughts anyone else? 
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