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When to start for L3?

Hi all - I've passed L2 (yay!) and starting to think about L3. Wondering if there is any conventional wisdom that I should take advantage of, e.g.
  • Start earlier? I started in Dec for L2, which was a lot earlier than what I did for L1 and I felt that it made a big difference in me passing L2.
  • Essay? How to start with studying for the essay section?
Thanks everyone!


  • phew, me too @dollface - big sigh of relief to be level 3 candidate.

    i plan to just get the books now, and start a slow study until xmas (as i expect to repeat all of it in the new year). i heard from other candidates making notes at this level helps last minute revision too, so may just get started on it early. 

    not quite sure on how to tackle essay yet, but from the wise words of the group here and charterholders i've met, summary notes plus lots of practice papers seem to help. not to mention the exam technique of writing succinctly etc, i think there was a post on 300h on that
  • Hi @dollface, I've completed the program - I drop in every now and then to see if there's anything I can contribute to.

    I didn't start L3 any earlier than I did L2, they were both January after Christmas. Some mates started earlier but they didn't really make significantly more progress than I did.

    Suggest you read through some practice papers at the start to get an understanding of what 'essay' means. The topics that are tested in essays are also more predictable, I think 300hours has done an analysis on this.
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