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Beginning level2 with weak level1 areas

I passed level1 in June.  I performed really well in a couple sections and didn’t perform horribly in any (based solely on my own opinion of my scores in case that statement would be questionable in CFA ethical guidelines).  Should I move on to the level2 curriculum or review my weak areas using level1 curriculum first?


  • jasdevjasdev LondonPosts: 84 Sr Associate
    The Level II curriculum is quite comprehensive, so you might just be okay without reviewing topics you missed out earlier.
    That said, I didn't study LI derivatives but LII derivatives would probably have been an absolute bastard no matter what.
    Give yourself more time than you think you need, for LII, and if you do get stuck in quicksand, flick back to LI and see if that material sheds any light.
  • @jasdev advice is spot on. The only place I would suggest reviewing L1 material would help would be FRA ratios as there is an expectation you know this already but only as an ancillary to where they're discussed in the L2 syllabus. Just get studying L2 curriculum, it's a lot of work and you need to understand those forumlae!
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