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How to effectively bring up CFA qualification in interviews or job applications

I have a bunch of interviews coming up and while I think CFA is relevant to all of them, I'm foreseeing that I would need to reiterate how having a CFA charterholder would benefit their firm. Any good talking points and lead-ins that people have used in the past? Thanks in advance guys.


  • rahul12rahul12 Posts: 41 Sr Associate
    edited October 2019
    i mentioned my CFA qualification status (for me it's "level 3 candidate") under the education section in my CV.

    in interviews, usually i would just casually mention the CFA qualification as an add-on point to a relevant question (maximum twice in a whole interview). the point of this is to hopefully aim for "i'm competent and qualified for this job, PLUS i'm working towards a CFA qualification which hopefully sets me apart from others".

    what role are you currently in @genetemp and what role types are you interviewing for? 
  • Realized I left out the jobs I'm applying for, kind of important detail isn't it! I'm applying for i-banking positions and brokerages. I'm an economics graduate but joined the family business on graduating (shipping). But I'm hoping there are some transferrable skills.

    I did put it in my CFA status on my resume and in the one interview I've had so far the interviewer did bring it up from reading my resume, so that worked. 
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