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Schweser or default CFA Institute material?

Hi, first time here. I'm registered for the June 2020 Level 1 exam and thinking about study books. My friends who have taken CFA in the past recommended me to use Schweser and skip the CFA Institute material, but I'm curious why. I did ask and was told that CFA Institute material is 'not very good', but at first scan it seems fine to me. Am I missing something and asking a stupid question? Thanks for your help in advance. 


  • Hi @perambulator, no such thing as a stupid question at all!

    I did my CFA exams quite a few years back, but also used Schweser exclusively. Main reason for me was the sheer length of the materials in CFAI books, and it was just too much and 'wordy' for me to go through whilst working in banking (long hours). At that time, I did some research and Schweser seemed to be one of the well rated study material provider that came highly recommended. So for me it was about saving time really. CFAI materials are pretty good, just lengthy for some.
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