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Winning strategies for L3 essay paper

First time L3, totally green to essay writing. I wanted to see if there was any sage advice on how to prepare for essays right from the start. Some specific concerns:

  • Anything I should be keeping in mind while doing my first round of studying? In L1 and L2 I've learnt to note down things that tend to be tested in MCQs, e.g. GIPS policies, calculation formulae, etc. Is there anything that needs to be thought about from an essay perspective?
  • How do you grade questions? There are 1,001 ways to answer a question with a sentence, so I'm wondering how do you grade your own mocks. I've seen my mocks' model answers but they don't tell you how to score yourself.
  • Is more essay practice actually useful? The questions seem very focused, i.e. they don't test a wide variety of topics, so I'm wondering if it's actually counterproductive to go through lots of mock exams for essays. I feel like time is better spent going through the material once you've got the idea of how to answer essays.
  • How many essay papers to practice on? Related to the above point, should I practice more, less, or the same as my MCQ?

Thanks! 🤟



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