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How to study without Christmas and New Year's getting in the way

  • Realize that you're not going to study the 'normal', hardcore way. You'll get small bits of time here and there, so don't aim to cover study topics as usual. Don't set targets you have no chance of meeting - I expect to move at 25% of my usual studying speed in the two weeks of Christmas and New Years.
  • Focus on lower-priority stuff. Do small things, less cerebral things. Need to rewrite your formula sheet? Do that. Review a concept that you didn't cover properly the first time around. That works too. Lower-priority study is better than no study.
  • Reward yourself. So. Much. Chocolate. Use it to reward yourself for being so good even during Christmas!
  • Try not to booze until you're done for the day. This one I assume is self-explanatory.
  • Realize you need time off too. Study what you can. But don't kill yourself studying this holiday season, the cost-benefit is not worth it. Focus on catching up with everyone, having a good break and you'll be better prepared to kick off proper studying in the New Year.

Have a good holiday, everyone!


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