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Career change: should I take CFA Level 1?

Hi all, new to this forum (be gentle).

I'm 33, been working for 11 years in data analytics.

Current role is quite technical and quantitative in nature, familiar with Python and heavy data analysis.

Did statistics at uni, interested in changing careers into finance (e.g. research analyst) but have no direct finance experience.

Would taking CFA Level 1 help with this transition? I do intend to take and complete all 3 levels.



  • It would help but I think you should also sell your experience in Python and stats as well. Changing roles is probably fine, data analytics can be related if you look for the right role and match industries.

    CFA L1/2/3 will help you most with boosting your own knowledge, rather than padding for your resume. Also worth pointing out that intent to complete doesn't really get you any interviews, neither does completing it halfway.

  • Analyst0719Analyst0719 United StatesPosts: 20 Associate

    Depends on what you want to transition into. I f it's still analytics but within the Finance industry than ya, it will greatly help you. A lot of investment mgmt firms are looking for ppl with solid data science skills and finance knowledge.

  • Thank you both!

    perambulator - yes good point, never thought about stats/python as a key selling point *slaps forehead*. Feel more confident now about embarking on this CFA journey!

    Analyst0719 - I'm not sure at this point if I want to be pigeon-holed into financial analytics purely as yet, but I get it is the easiest/obvious route to finance for a newbie. I imagined a research analyst, for example, also do quite a bit of that as part of their research role?

  • No problem. My first thought was that loads of people are trying to learn Python and you already got that covered!

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