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Preparation Strategy - CFA Level 1 June 2020

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing well and progressing in your preparation.

I have been searching the web trying to come up with an excellent strategy to prepare for CFA L1 as I am planning to take the June 2020 exam. So here's my plan and I'd really really appreciate your comments.

Note: I hold a master in accounting but my finance & economics knowledge isn't as good as my accounting background. I am only working part time and my hours are flexible. So, I can put 4-6 hours a day 5-6 days a week as I see needed.

Preparation Plan on a daily basis 5-6 days a week (Jan, Feb, March, & maybe first couple of weeks in April) :

First> Mark Meldrum videos for each reading.

Second> Read through Schweser notes (It should be faster as I already watched corresponding MM video). CFAI readings will be a back-up in case needed further explanation.

Third> CFAI End-of-Chapter Questions & Blue Box examples & Schweser End-of-Chapter Questions (if Schweser has EOCQ's)

Review Plan (The rest of April, May, first week of June) :

- Schweser Secret Sauce

- CFAI mock exams & Schweser mock exams

I know the first section could take more time. But, I still have more in the review weeks.


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