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About registering for Level 2 exam without level 1 results.

Hi guys, I have a very quick question. I tried to do research but there is no answer to be found.

My plan is to take CFA:

Level 1: Dec 2020

Level 2: Jun 2021.

However, the Early Registration Deadline of Level 2 is Sep 2020 (source). Is it possible to register for Level 2 exam early in Sep 2020 (to have the lower fee) without having Level 1 results yet?

Many thanks guys ^^


  • SophieSophie Posts: 2,036 Sr Partner

    Hi @harrynguyen_cfa , in general, it is not possible for Dec Level 1 candidates to register for Level 2 June by early registration deadline without knowing your Level 1 results yet.

    Are you an original June 2020 Level 1 candidate? Or a new candidate choosing to register for Level 1 December 2020?

    Reason I ask is that if you're the former case (i.e. an original June 2020 Level 1 candidate), we've covered this in our latest article about exam rescheduling, under the FAQ section (copied below for ease):

    But if I sit for CFA December 2020, will I still be eligible for the early registration rate for June 2021?

    • CFA Institute have not confirmed anything on this. Here are some options that they may consider:
      • Changing the registration schedule to ensure Dec20 candidates have enough time to register for Jun20 at the earliest deadline
      • Allow Dec20 candidates to register at the early deadline rate
      • Carry on as per previous years, which means you'll miss out on the first registration deadline, but should be able to register for the second registration deadline.

    In short:

    • Normal Dec Level 1 candidates (who were not postponed from June 2020 due to COVID-19) are not able to meet the early registration deadline normally anyway, but you can meet the standard registration deadline. At the moment, this policy has not changed.
    • For postponed June 2020 Level1 candidates however, there may be a chance that CFA Institute may do something about this (to make it equal to as if they took it in June 2020 and are able to get the early registration deadline rate), but CFA Institute have not confirmed anything as such at the moment.

    Hope this helps!

  • djriv81djriv81 Dallas,TXPosts: 17 Associate

    Would it not be possibe to pay the early registration fee for the Level 1 in June, and upon passing Level 2 have your registration re-classified as Level 2?

    Just a thought...

  • ZeeZee Charterholder London - UKPosts: 1,550 Sr Partner

    This is not possible under what CFA Institute have currently set up, although it would be convenient!

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