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Common Probability distribution

fmccrayfmccray OklahomaPosts: 24 Associate

Hello- Need help with this question please. I am not sure where the answer is 3.59%.

Thank you for taking a look in advance.

Cumulative z-table:

z 0.00 0.01 0.02 0.03

1.6 0.9452 0.9463 0.9474 0.9484

1.7 0.9554 0.9564 0.9573 0.9582

1.8 0.9641 0.9649 0.9656 0.9664

Monthly sales of hot water heaters are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 21 and a standard deviation of 5. What is the probability of selling 12 hot water heaters or less next month?

I picked 0.9641. i was wrong. it is 3.59% (Where did they calculate 3.59%)


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